Monday, May 31, 2010

My Back Yard. WARNING Picture heavy!

This is the first phase of growth in the back yard.

Red Wave Petunias with Stonecrop and lavender

Strawberry Planters
Front is Purple and Red Wave petunias, Creeping Thyme (in pale yellow bucket) and silver artemesia in Yellow pot~the whirly things are to keep birds out of the strawberries.
Silver Santolina in large pot/cuttings in cobalt pot
Creeping Rosemary on second step
Creeping thyme on bottom

Pink Wave Petunias

This is my lavender garden. This time of year you can't really tell it grows lavender because the bulbs take over for a month or so. When the bulbs are done blooming I pull them out of the garden and save them for next year :-) The tall purple flower is soapwort, in front of it is orange tiger lily, to the left is oak leaf hydrangea and in front of the flamingo is a violet :-)

Black Pepper Mint in larger pot, Star Anise in blue pot and a Rosemary cutting in bottle

The pond is home to lots of tadpoles :-)

The pink thing you see here is actually a discarded flip flop. I put holes in the flip flops and put cuttings in the holes and they flourish! I call it a flip flop float :-) (The cuttings will soon spread and cover the entire flip flop)
Below is a friend of my granddaughter. A frog. He's sitting in the pot almost in the middle of the picture
Not a great picture of the herb pot I got from Barbara at Once in a Blue Moon. I LOVE this pot! The rattan table came from Perry and Clay at Two Guys Antiques
My green house. I'll be adding another green house this year made out of old windows. The cat you see peering out of the green house is also from Perry and Clay and it is guarding the sunflowers, moonflowers, morning glories and sweet peas.

Miniature Rose in the back, galvanized tub is full of spearmint, bundt pan has lettuce growing in it, ugly black planter is ginger root, rosemary next to it and another galvanized tub with stonecrop, moss rose, angelina and ice plant.

You can barely see it but that is a Eucalyptus growing in the middle of the petunia :-)
Hope you've enjoyed the mini-tour. Lots more to come in the next few months :-)
Have a beautiful day!


Granny J said...

I love the pictures of your flowers. Thanks for sharing.

Perry said...

Somebody's been busy! said...

wow! I love it all! I need some more plants for my pond. I have a difficult time keeping them alive. My fish eat the roots. I love the flip flop idea! What kind of plants do you have in the holes?
ps I entered a blog contest and I had to introduce a new friend. :)
guess who I chose?

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Gail from my left your link in my comments...I've been snooping around your archives... I love your little garden, the ladders, water pond,...I'll be following and reading more !

Annie said...

Hi Kay! Thanks for stopping by Adorkable Annie! Your blog is great! I hope you'll come back soon :-)