Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Garden Window

Thought I'd share some pictures of the garden window ~ I love stacking stuff and making vignettes that make rainbows everywhere :-)

You can see the pond out the window~it's getting a makeover :-)

This is the main part of the vignette
Old candle bowl filled with beach glass with a prism wheel on top and a shot glass with the handle from an old magnifying glass on top of that .

Old irredescent candle holder with a "rainbow bouncer" disc on top, pyramid prism on top of that. Small crystals and prisms on "petals"

Fairy bowl with blue cobalt bottle inside.
Vaseline Glass Candy Bowl. Barbara at Once In A Blue Moon gave this to me. I'm sure it's because she was tired of me drooling all over her shop when I saw it :-)

Garden Window at Night

Look where the ladder ended up :-)

Clematis -I LOVE this plant!
Ok, over and out!

Have a great day & share a smile with someone :-)))

3 comments: said...

everything looks fabulous! I love glass. I have some totems in storage, that I wasn't able to sell. I'm going to go get one and put it out by my rose bush.
can't wait to see the makeover of the pond. I need some more flowers to finish off a little section. Maybe I'll get some for mother's day? :)
take care!

Perry said...

What a beautiful clematis, I didn't know they came in that color!

Rose said...

Love your garden pics!