Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm Working It!

Ok-I have my paints out and several pieces of furniture torn apart.
Here's one of the things I'm working on~squeal ;-) It used to be a Junior Bed.

You can't really tell from the picture but that's actually 3 separate pieces.
Now I'm going to get out the happy paint.
Stay tuned :-))

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Painted Rocks

This is what happens when I'm left unattended. I start painting things...anything. These are some of the rocks that line the pathway in the front yard. I think by the end of summer ALL of the rocks in the pathway will be painted :-)

This is one good cat! She sleeps under the bench and never touches my plants. Her name is Rocksanne.

A few more recent finds

I absolutely love this metal table. I have started the process of cleaning it but just peeling the contact paper off the bottom shelf took me most of the afternoon :-)

And the crocheted rug below has all my favorite colors in it. Someone put a lot of work in to this:

I hope you have a beautiful Sunday :-)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

What I've Been Up to Lately

Besides the every day stuff I've been up cleaning house and then cluttering it up again :-)

I have been working on the yard and I was going to show some before pictures but I seem to have sent them to cyberspace :-(
So here are the pictures of what my front yard looks like now:

This is the view out my front door:

Looking out my front door. See that bench-Barbara and Bryan at Once in a Blue Moon gave that to me when I opened my shop.
I know most of you who know me wont be shocked to know that I am slowly handpainting each of the rocks that line the path :-)

One of my favorite roses (I only do miniature roses because they don't mind being ignored :-) This rose starts out a beautiful butterscotch color and by the time it is in full bloom it is deep scarlet.
The clematis that just wont stop blooming once it gets started! It will bloom prolificly (sp?) well in to September.
Close up of the Lavender Clematis
Hot and Spicy Oregano. This is one of the best oreganos I have ever grown. It's VERY true to its name.

One of the shelves I'm working on for the green house. Yes, that is the new hot tub behind the shelf...that is where I'm headed now.

I promise I will get back in the swing of painting furniture and repurposing but right now I'm having way too much fun in the gardens :-)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Even MORE stuff...

I'm thinking I need to abandon my house chores and gardening (that wont happen!) so I can get some more of this lot sorted, cleaned and photographed.

National Trust Sugar Bowl
 Folding Opera Glasses
Very Heavy Eye Glasses
Liling Coffee Pot

Liling Coffee Pot Detail

Desk Caddy
Spoon Rest

Have a beautiful day!

Monday, April 19, 2010

More Junkin' Day Booty

It was getting dark out when I snapped these pictures. I foolishly thought I was going to get everything in the 4 boxes I held out photographed ~ I was wrong :-)

On with the pictures:

Set of eight plates

Plate details
Revere Pewter Tray
Oil Painting by Helen Myer (I fell in love with the frame!)
Valley Vista Dresser Box

Poodle Plate. There's a pen and ink drawing that matches this somewhere in my stash
Crooksville "Queen Bee" pattern (Matching platter somewhere in stash)
TV Lamp
Ceramic Cat
Bag of Buttons

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some of the Junk from Junkin'

I knew I was going to have fun on my junkin' expedition but I had NO idea it was going to be such a blast! We ended up with 4 truckloads of stuff! Thank goodness for storage units. Right now though, the inside of my house looks like a badly organized flea market :-) I'm sorting and cleaning and taking pictures so I can list some of the items on Etsy and some on eBay, etc.

Every single fragile item  (and there were LOTS!) was in mint condition. No chips or cracks.

So here's a few pictures, I'll add more later.

Atlas China Tidbit Tray
Small caddy made in Italy

Set of 6 of these

Hutschenreuther Pink Tray-very Shabby!

The screw on tops are actually glass too!

Sugar Bowl marked Crown Ming

Federal Eagle Syroco Convex Mirror

Tin stamped "W. Germany" on bottom. Small dent in top but I still think it's adorable!

I will be posting more pictures daily. I have to box up some of this stuff though-it's taking over my house!
I hope you have a pretty day!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bath Parfaits

Today I decided to play with the Whipped Bath Foam and I made up some Bath Parfaits. I still have to label them but here they are...

I just love making these because they look so pretty and they smell HEAVENLY!

A Junkin' Invite For me!

Went up to visit the old haunt (where I used to have a shop) and was admiring several items at several stores. I was at Once In A Blue Moon visiting with Barbara and Brian when Brian offered to let me come pick through one of the houses he's doing a clean out on! He asked if I would be interested and I of course said, "Heck yeah"!

So I am gearing up to take my man and the truck tomorrow and see what we can load up. I'll be back with pictures!
Leather Love Seat

TV Lamp
Framed Oil Painting Signed Helen Myers-there is a painting on the back too!