Saturday, April 24, 2010

What I've Been Up to Lately

Besides the every day stuff I've been up cleaning house and then cluttering it up again :-)

I have been working on the yard and I was going to show some before pictures but I seem to have sent them to cyberspace :-(
So here are the pictures of what my front yard looks like now:

This is the view out my front door:

Looking out my front door. See that bench-Barbara and Bryan at Once in a Blue Moon gave that to me when I opened my shop.
I know most of you who know me wont be shocked to know that I am slowly handpainting each of the rocks that line the path :-)

One of my favorite roses (I only do miniature roses because they don't mind being ignored :-) This rose starts out a beautiful butterscotch color and by the time it is in full bloom it is deep scarlet.
The clematis that just wont stop blooming once it gets started! It will bloom prolificly (sp?) well in to September.
Close up of the Lavender Clematis
Hot and Spicy Oregano. This is one of the best oreganos I have ever grown. It's VERY true to its name.

One of the shelves I'm working on for the green house. Yes, that is the new hot tub behind the shelf...that is where I'm headed now.

I promise I will get back in the swing of painting furniture and repurposing but right now I'm having way too much fun in the gardens :-)

5 comments: said...

I love everything about your yard! The pathway is sooo cute! I love the flowers!
I have a great place to sit and relax, BUT oh my gosh, it sure could use a makeover! :(
way to go! Glad you're enjoying yourself!

AngelMc said...

enjoyed my visit here, come over to my blog and visit with me for a while!

A Pretty Pastime said...

Thanks so much Gail :-) I can't believe you were the first follower on this blog too! I'll have to whip up a special gift for you ;-)


Perry said...

Loving what you're doing to the garden!

A Pretty Pastime said...

Thanks Perry :-)