Saturday, August 28, 2010

Out on the Water

The weather here has been so pretty for the past two days that Tommy and I decided to be out on the water.
Just look at this beautiful sky:

So we packed up the boat

and were on our way to the marina

It was a fantastic day for being on the water!

We saw a pod of dolphins on our way out to the bay ~first time we've ever seen dolphins this close in. Aren't dolphins alot like rainbows? You see them and it makes you feel happy? However, the dolphins are apparentley camera shy-I would click the camera and they would dive :-/

We looked at the houses along the way and drooled

Not one but TWO wrap around porches! *sigh*

This next picture is actually at the end of our street (from the water side)

Now before you start thinking I'm all hoity toity...I imagine to most of these homeowners I'm considered a "one of them". I live in an 1800 square foot rancher that is NOT on the water. Most of their boat houses are bigger than our house :-)

And there is always a surprise when we go out on the water

This cow has a BIG watering hole!

I'm feeling really relaxed and should have plenty of energy to get all the stuff done that I should have been working on the past few days. I'm going to go do some weeding tomorrow.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Win a silhouette !!!

That's right-just hop on over to Under The Table and Dreaming for details!


Good luck!


Monday, August 16, 2010

Leisurely Day at Yorktown

We decided to take a little break from weeding the gardens and other work on Saturday because the weather here was gorgeous! Perfect day for the beach.

The road in to Riverwalk Landing in Yorktown

Riverwalk Shops (from the parking garage)


Beach -this is actually like a wading pond. Full of little kids :-)

The kids bought us a gift certificate for the restaurant (YUM!) at Riverwalk and this was the view from our table. We watched as the bridge opened to let the ship go through.

We came home and sat on the deck, lounged in the pool and pretty much did nothing but relax the rest of the evening. It was fantastic!

I hope you have a beautiful week!