Monday, August 16, 2010

Leisurely Day at Yorktown

We decided to take a little break from weeding the gardens and other work on Saturday because the weather here was gorgeous! Perfect day for the beach.

The road in to Riverwalk Landing in Yorktown

Riverwalk Shops (from the parking garage)


Beach -this is actually like a wading pond. Full of little kids :-)

The kids bought us a gift certificate for the restaurant (YUM!) at Riverwalk and this was the view from our table. We watched as the bridge opened to let the ship go through.

We came home and sat on the deck, lounged in the pool and pretty much did nothing but relax the rest of the evening. It was fantastic!

I hope you have a beautiful week!


Granny J said...

Great pictures. You can't beat a weekend like that. Ours was a very quiet weekend. said...

Katy! sounds like a perfect day! I'm glad you got some "down" time.
It looks like a great place to visit.
It was very hot over the weekend, but we got a break today. I worked outside all day.