Sunday, March 18, 2012

Why I Should Always Stick To My List

There is a reason I make lists. Most of the time I stick with the list and only do "extras" when the list is finished. Well, yesterday morning I went out to weed one of the flower beds and I ended up digging up shrubs, dividing bulbs then decided I really needed to turn the entire garden. Gah! What the heck! At 8:00 last night I called it a day and came in figuring I could wrap it all up by this evening. Ha-ha! When I decided the Japanese Spireas needed to be more centered and the Oak Leaf Hydrangea needed to move to a different bed altogether I realized this is going to take a few weeks to complete. I saw several worms and bugs aerating the soil. Wonder if they think "I just aerated that and here she comes and undoes what it has taken me a week to do!"

Divisions laying everywhere
Trench-will get filled in with pea gravel and river rocks. My back just couldn't handle it today :-/
Weeds and some of the "divisions"

Now I am going to call it an evening outside and come in so I can try to get some of the inside chores done.

I'm not complaining...I love any excuse to be outside on a beautiful day.