Saturday, May 1, 2010

You Know Me-I LOVE Color :-)

I've been working on my backyard and I thought it needed more color so...I got out the happy paint:

No, of course they're not done. Both ladders are still kind of plain. By this time next week I imagine there will be designs all over both  ladders :-) Just sayin'.

5 comments: said...

They look great! So sunny! Let us know if you change 'em up.
I have one, I don't like the color, nor do I really have a place to put it... I need to get more motivated in my pitiful yard!
maybe this will inspire me?

Perry said...

I thought of you today, we saw a Victorian table, not the kind of thing I normally would even look at, but it was painted school bus yellow and looked really cool! I wondered if you'd already had your way with it :-)

judi said...

hi katy,
thanks for stopping by my blog! love the POPS of color on the ladder and basket. you have a way with it.
and i'm with you...too busy being outside enjoying the warm weather and gardening.
judi ;)

Prior said...

It's all sooo cheerful! I love the all white chippy look, too, but I think my true soul loves the color! Lezlee

Rose said...

How cheerful that looks! I love ladders in the yard, so much you can do with them!