Saturday, August 17, 2013

Quick Weight Loss

This is how my hair looked this morning:

A few snips:

And this is me this evening:

Talk about taking weight off :-)

I hope everyone has a great weekend~I will be trying to figure out how to fix my hair :-)


Pink Overalls @DIY Home Staging said...

You're going to love your new style. I do. Are you donating your hair?

A Pretty Pastime said...

Thanks for stopping by :-)

Yes~ I donated the hair and was glad to do it :-) I really thought I was going to regret cutting my hair off, but OMG-even with the learning curve to fix it-I do LOVE it!

Gail Wilson said...

What a wonderful day Katy! :) Wait till you wash it the first time. You'll be shocked. ;)
Very pretty hairstyle, very pretty YOU!


Marti said...

Wow, what a difference it must be to go from that long to short. But how nice of you to donate it. Have you figured out how to fix it yet? Sometimes I think I have the short do conquered, and some days it look bad no matter what I do.