Friday, May 31, 2013

Coastal Chic Table

I have been working on some of the furniture pieces I have sitting around in the house and the garage. It's time to get them done or get them gone! lol (Yeah-that wont happen)

This is a table I bought from Once in a Blue Moon in York Village. (Love that place!) When I bought it, it was a light oak.

 The color is a mix of Bahama Blue and ASCP Old White. The color in the picture below is the truest.

 Added a few little scrolls underneath
Some light distressing

And for the top I went with Old White and mixed some paste wax with acrylic black. I laid streaks across the top then followed with 2 more coats of wax.  

Have a great weekend!


Gail Wilson said...

well, hello stranger! :)

the table looks great Katy!

I hope all is well with you guys, is it summer there? It was a hot week here.

Gail Wilson said...

oh ps I'm a no-reply comment blogger. Since I left blogger, I can't get it fixed. :(