Monday, May 23, 2011

Paws for a Cause Part Deux (Picture Heavy)

TSA has nothing on my two fur kids! Both days when I got home from the Paws for a Cause event I was searched, sniffed, prodded and pawed and promplty ignored. Until I pulled out the home made dog biscuits and other treats I purchased from Bow Wow-Meow Boutique.

I was really impressed that most dogs walked really well through the confusion of scents and people and I saw very few people being walked by their dogs :-) Did see quite a few dogs who had found a shady spot and refused to move.

The weather was absolutely perfect for the event except it was a little on the warm side yesterday. There was a great turnout and I hope lots of money was raised.

I am by no means an authority on dog breeds. So if you see a breed mislabeled, please let me know :-)

Please support your local SPCA/Humane Society.

Here are a few more pictures of the friends I made :

 Taking a break in the shade
A spoiled Puppy :-)
 Double Boxers

 English Bull Terrier

Well Hello!

 MORE doubles
German Flat Hair Pointer 

 More Doubles

 Pets with their people waiting to walk


Yeah, I see it, I see it!!!


Golden Retrieving

Our "Neighbor" Coolie
Having a nap at the end of a long day

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