Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cabinet Done!

These aren't the greatest pictures but I had to hurry so I could cover the cabinet---it's going to rain ;-)

I still have to paint the doors and maybe add a few rosebuds somewhere around the harlequin pattern. But as far as the Festival goes this cabinet is ready to be a display case. Yay!




Louise said...

YAY!!! Outstanding Job:-) said...

it's gorgeous! You are soo patient! :)
great job katy!

Granny J said...

It's beautiful. Glad you didn't take the roses off the side. They look perfect.

Sabr said...

Looks great! I love the different patterns!!! Great work!

AngelMc said...

ohhh that is pretty.

Becolorful said...

Oh yay. I found someone that like the mixed up colorful pattern that I like to do too. We are a rare breed, :)
Looks amazing.

Dana said...

That is GORGEOUS! Love your style, too. It's kinda like Shabby Chic meets Mary Engelbreit! Love it!