Wednesday, September 22, 2010

And the painting continues

I have lost a few months somewhere.

The Fall Festival begins one week from Saturday. I need about 2 more months to get all my stuff ready :-(

Anyhoo, I have now started on the top of the cabinet :

The blank spots are where I have taken out some pansies I painted and didn't like :-) I'll be putting more roses there. The side you see above doesn't have all the roses on it yet because I ran out of daylight :-(

This is what it looked like yesterday after alot of scraping:

Oh yes. I will be back with more ;-)


Louise said...

You are just like the energizer Bunny...Looking Marvelous. You will sell out of everything, because of your beautiful presentation!

Granny J said...

Your cabinet is prettier every time I see it. If I were fortunate to be at the sale I'd probably have to buy it.