Thursday, August 25, 2011

If Irene is headed your way...

Hopefully Irene will wobble and go East again. *Wishful thinking* But just in case:

Be Prepared!

Have all of your important papers (insurance, id's, cash) in a Ziploc baggie. If you must evacuate-duct tape the Ziploc Baggie to your body! This will serve two purposes. You will not lay your important papers and cash down anywhere and forget them AND you will get rid of some unwanted body hair :-) You're welcome.

Remember most shelters don't provide food and bedding and most shelters do not allow pets. They do allow kids but don't provide childcare. Go figure!

Please remember to have emergency kits ready for your pets - ID's, vaccination records, medications, food, leashes and collars. Oh yeah-same for your kids - sans the collars.

If you decide to shelter at home (which we normally do) remember emergency crews will more than likely not be able to get to you. It's a good idea to have first aid supplies on hand.  We use alot of first aid supplies when we're sheltering at home.

When Isabel came through here and the Husband and I were cooped up for 8 days with no electricity there was chain saw juggling, arm wrestling over the last two ice cubes and a few bite marks from the dogs whose nerves we were plucking :-)

It's a good idea to have some board games and a deck of cards in your emergency supplies.  

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gail said...

ohhh, whoa! thinking of you. Hoping for the best.
earthquakes, hurricanes! oh my!
be safe, it sounds like you're at least prepared!