Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More Junkin' in July

More stuff I got on my Junkin' trip:

Blue Dresden Instant Coffee Cannister marked 1957

Crown Ducal Bowls Set of 8. They are the prettiest pale yellow

Hall Tea Pot

Milk Glass plate-very fiery when I hold it up to the light. Almost looks like a big opal.

Noritake relish (?) dish

Revere Ware 8 x 8 pan with lid

WS George Serving Bowl

WS George Serving Platters set of 2

I'm still soaking and cleaning some other pieces which I will post later. I also got lots of old tools, terra cotta pots, etc.

Total cost: $2.00 for a soda and a little money for gas.

Stay cool!

2 comments: said...

Katy, Katy, Katy! oh my, all great finds!
I love those last two pieces, and the instant coffee jar. Really neat stuff!
I just got back from the peddlers and bought 7 things for $8.00. I thought that was pretty good! :)
one was $4.00, so that makes 6 things for $4.00! No soda, no gas, so all in all a good deal!
have a great evening!

Granny J said...

Those are really great finds. I especially like the little coffee jar.